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Try not to laugh at these #FitnessFunnies

It’s been another great week for funny entries in our #FitnessFunnies giveaway. Check out these hilarious stories. Have your own workout gone wrong story to share? Enter here and you could win a £500 John Lewis gift card! (T&Cs apply).

A real struggle

"Bought a rowing machine - set it up - all good and enjoying a 5 minute sprint by the living room window. Doorbell went and postman said he thought he saw a struggle and could see my body being yanked forward and wanted to check I was ok and not being attacked! " – Matt D

The wrong button

"I needed to go to the loo while out jogging and visited one of those automated toilets in the centre of our town market square. I removed my lycra shorts and pants, sat on the loo and pushed a button which I thought was for toilet paper…It was the wrong button! The doors opened and all the market shoppers had a full view of me!" – David B


"I was running and saw my friend in the distance. We had laughed earlier in the week about how her bottom wobbled in Lycra. I had nearly caught up with her and shouted “your bum doesn’t half wobble in lycra” when I realised it wasn't her!!! I managed a sprint finish to run off my embarrassment and hide. Oops." – Carole G

Just add training wheels

"The first time I attempted to ride a bike since I was a child my husband put me on his - I panicked as the bike was much too big for me and my feet couldn't touch the ground! Despite him holding on to me, I screamed at the top of my voice 'I'm going in the hedge! Don't let go! Don't let go!' He didn't, luckily, but had to help me back off, quickly. My face was red with embarressment as a group of people were walking past laughing out loud at my antics!" – Dawn B

Bad doggy

"My husband and I have over 20 years military experience between us, myself in the British Army and my husband a Royal Marine. We therefore enjoy fitness... normally! We decided to go out for a run together one morning with our pet dog. It had been heavily raining the night before but it was nice and cool so perfect running weather. I was holding the dog lead and off we went. It was a nice quiet Sunday morning and my husband and I chatted away. Roughly 45 minutes in, we began to make our way back, across the playing field. Suddenly, as I was innocently chatting away, my legs go from beneath me and I'm sliding down a hill on my bottom. I come to a firm halt, dazed I look up and see a crowd of people staring at me. Later it became apparent that my dog had spotted a rabbit, decided to chase it and in the process pulled me down a hill where I ended up sat on the pitch of a football cup final game! As I stood up and ran off the pitch, the crowd and players started to cheer! I have never seen my husband laugh so hard!" – Daisy L

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