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Tickle your funny bone with #FitnessFunnies

Getting exercise is a great way to contribute to a healthy lifestyle but, as in most parts of life, sometimes things don’t go exactly to plan and you might find yourself making a dreaded (though potentially hilarious) workout blunder. Or, as we like to call them – a Fitness Funny! Maybe while swimming lanes you accidentally drifted into oncoming traffic and bonked into another swimmer (ouch). Or perhaps while playing a rousing game of tennis instead of hitting the ball you accidentally sent your racket flying!

Whatever your blunder may be, we're keen to hear your stories! That’s why this summer we’re running our #FitnessFunnies giveaway. If you have a great story, you can share it here and be entered to win 1 of 10 £50 iTunes giftcards in our weekly giveaway, or the grand prize of a £500 John Lewis Gift Card.

In the meantime, why not settle in for a few giggles and read these excellent stories that have been submitted:

Lost in the rythym 

"I was doing a zumba class and really getting 'into the rhythm' when I suddenly realised I'd gone too far and had gone out the open double doors and found myself dancing on my own in the hallway, it was so embarrassing when I went back in to the room!" – Karen W

A banner run 

"Running on the treadmill trailing behind me like a streamer, was the toilet paper still stuck in my snazzy new gym shorts. I thought I was impressively running until somebody stopped to tell me! I quickly finished my workout to save my embarrassment! Face bright red not just from running. I always do a double check upon leaving the toilet now." – Jaqueline R

Unspoken odours

"Going to a fitness class we had to get in partners and hold each others legs while doing sit ups. The only trouble is so much ab work certainly gives my tummy a workout! I couldn't help slipping wind and could see it in my partner's face but the awkwardness that they didn't say anything was so embarrassing. I can laugh know but think they may be traumatised (certainly their nose will be!) from the experience!" – Tammy T

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