So I made it!

The Simplyhealth Great Aberdeen run brought in thousands of people from all over to take part in the 10k, half marathon and family 2k.

I was rather relaxed about the whole thing at first with last minute packing, fuelling on coffee for the early flight and partaking in some duty free shopping at the airport. After a couple of frozen margaritas and a big bowl of pasta I went to bed feeling content in the finest cotton sheets in the comfortable hotel, everything was going well…

And then,

06:00: “Oh my, what am I doing? Why do I feel so nervous and why do I want to be sick?” In the first two events earlier this year, I had a confidence that held me in good stead as it was “only a 3k and only walking” but for this 10k run I was just feeling thoroughly unprepared.

We were crammed in like sardines at the start line but after a quick warm up and some last minute motivation; I set off with my terrible running playlist, starting with Sam and the Womp. For the first 20 minutes I was feeling quite good and thought to myself ‘this isn’t too bad actually’

I spoke too soon! I had been sipping water all morning and with that, nerves and adrenaline rattling around my body all morning my stitch kicked in, which made the last 50 minutes pretty uncomfortable. I didn’t know what to do, I couldn’t stop but had people overtaking me left, right and centre and my team mates were now just small dots in the distance. I noticed a lady in front of me raising her right arm and I quickly realised she was stretching her stitch out!  I simply copied and, actually, it really helped!

The final 3k was particularly difficult as I had never entered this distance running before. It surprised me that I was far more prepared physically for this than I was mentally. I was having some really negative thoughts about myself during this run;

- Why did you sign up for this?

- Why didn’t you train more?

- Why did you let your weight creep up on you?

- Why did you have frozen margaritas last night?

- Why didn’t you focus more in PE when you were in school?

I then turned a corner to see an amazing crowd of people cheering at the top of their lungs as runners came in to finish the last 200 meters, and what an amazing feeling it was to see that finish line. As I crossed I turned to see I had completed in 1:15 as I scooted off to collect my finishers’ medal.

Turns out, it wasn’t that bad after all.

— "For my final 10 mile run in October at the Portsmouth Great South, I will be sure to add mental strength techniques to my training!"

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