My walking journey continues as part of the Simplyhealth Great Run Series

Whilst I'm not running or jogging the Simplyhealth Great Run Series, I am committed to walking the same distance.....

Having returned from an amazing holiday in Norway with some spectacular walks, but with a twisted ankle, I have had a few weeks of not walking as much as I should be.  I have learnt  that it is soooo easy to slide back into lazy Sundays!

After giving ourselves a brisk talking to, we vowed to get back to it, so we  set off to Coate Water in Swindon for a gentle 3 mile walk around the lake in the hope that it would get us back into our walking and burn off some calories - as we had booked in for a lovely afternoon tea at a nearby hotel, which had been a surprise anniversary gift from some friends.  The tea was lovely but I did feel guilty that I hadn’t really walked far enough to deserve it!

Last weekend was the Simplyhealth Great Aberdeen Run – and a small army of colleagues were off either running the half marathon or 10K, or volunteering to help the day go smoothly.  We set ourselves the mission of walking a half marathon to be with them in spirit. 

Our original thought was that we would do this on Sunday, on the way home from staying overnight with friends on Saturday. However we had a later start than intended and were a little fragile from a gin festival experience!  So we did a gentle three mile walk around the really interesting Elemental Sculpture Park near Cirencester.  The interesting and intriguing art forms kept us entertained) when we weren’t running away from a mini swarm of wasps!.   

So that left us the big walk to do on Bank Holiday Monday and in any normal year I would have been expecting to do that in waterproofs and welly boots. …….but not so this time - we had blazing sunshine and 28 degrees!  Armed with water and sun cream,  we set off on a lovely walk across fields and lanes before descending on a pub with very red faces and gaspingly asking for pint of lemonade.  Refreshed  we headed off again on the next leg of the walk, before stopping at another pub for lunch (a nice light salad and a pint of water).   

Our journey back was along the canal, which was beautiful but there was zero shade and we were facing into the sun.  As we got hotter and thirstier, with heads thumping and legs aching, our jaunty waves to the long boating folk turned into jealous grimaces as they sipped chilled wine or cool drinks and said they were getting a bit of breeze as they travelled along.

I know it would have not had much use over the rest of the summer but I really wished I had bought a sun hat!  I confess that we decided part way along the canal route, to take a short cut home, so we only managed 10 of the 13 miles we intended to do.  We did however spot masses of blackberries which will be ready for picking soon, so we will re-trace the  route soon whilst thinking up delicious recipes for blackberry jam, sorbet, cake etc………

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