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On your marks, get set, giggle!

We’ve just finished the 6th week of our #FitnessFunnies giveaway! Not long to go until the grand prize winner is chosen in September! This week we’ve had some hilarious entries. We dare you not to laugh!

The great escape

"Nothing has come close to the embarrassment I suffered on returning to the gym a little while after having a baby. Still carrying extra pregnancy weight and definitely out of shape, I borrowed a t-shirt from my husband as mine were too snug to stretch over my wobbling form. I warmed up for a while and when the only rowing machine became free, I eased my spreading backside onto the seat a few inches off the ground and gripped the handles. I hadn’t noticed that the shirt was hanging down behind me, close to the wheel which glides the seat along. It became harder and harder to row until I realised the shirt was caught up in the mechanism beneath me which was winding the t-shirt up further with every strenuous stroke. The penny dropped when I started to choke, but then I realised the only escape option was to slither out of the t-shirt, firmly lodged in the machine, and onto the floor. I covered myself up with my sweat towel and had to rip the t-shirt free with one hand. The rowing machine was out of order for a while after that. " – Lindsey K

Tricky treadmill

"I took my friend with me to my gym on a guest pass and was showing her how to use the equipment. She wanted to use the treadmill and I'd been running so I stopped it to show her how to use the one next to me. Stood on the sides and explained the controls to her. Stepped back on mine to start up my workout again. Unfortunately I clearly hadn’t actually stopped the treadmill and stepped on to a machine running at 7mph. I shot off the back of it taking all the skin of my knees and hands... very difficult to look like I meant to do that!!! And also trying not to cry because it really hurt!!!" – Emily S

Deflated ego

"I was working out at the gym when I went to use a gym ball. As soon as I sat on top of it, it burst! It made such a loud noise and everyone must have thought it was my big bum but it turned out there was a nail on the floor and I rolled over it! A nail in the gym! I was mortified!" – Debbie T

Getting stuck in

"Me and my friend Jody decided to try some different classes at the gym to help us lose weight, the only class available on Sunday afternoon was a boxing class, so along we went. It was quite good fun until we had to do a relay course. In a long room we had to run to a mat lay down, jump up, touch the (low) ceiling, run, tag our partner and so on. All with boxing gloves on. I ran, laid on the mat, not very elegantly, tried to get by rolling over and got my leg stuck under the radiator on the wall. Couldn't get my leg out, Jody just laughed but it was really painful. They had to get help to force my leg out, didn't realise how bad my leg was and fell down the stairs on the way out and broke the other leg and just to be fully embarrassed split my trousers too." – Lynn S

Have your own funny workout story? Share it here and you could win a £500 John Lewis gift card! T&Cs apply. UK residents 18+ only. Closes midnight 3 September 2017.

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