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Never mind the 9k, what about the Canine?

Around a fifth of dogs in this country are overweight, so what better time is there to do yourself and your pet a favour and get out into the fresh air. Dog walking is the perfect ‘first step’ to getting more active and building fitness levels, both for yourself and your pooch. Even if you don’t have your own dog, you can always volunteer to dog walk.

When you’re comfortable with walking, why not introduce a gentle jog… here are a few tips to make sure that you and your pet’s adventures in running are a success:

Build endurance – just like us, if your dog is used to a gentle stroll then an intensive run straight off the bat will be a shock for them. Following a couch to 5k programme can be a great way to build up your own and your dog’s endurance, by increasing the time spent running a little more each week.

Avoid the heat. Dogs can’t sweat and can overheat very quickly with serious consequences, so make sure you avoid going for a run when it is very hot.

Water, water, water – offer your dog regular drinks to ensure they stay hydrated. Their demands are much like our own. 

Snacking on the move – whilst you both take a break for a water stop and you reward yourself with a few jelly-babies on a long run, remember to grab some dog treats for your furry friend. 

Keep your dog under close control. Run with them on a lead, particularly when near any danger or livestock. If you find running with a lead in your hand affects your natural stance, then consider investing in a hands-free running dog lead and belt. 

Be seen – make sure both you and your pet are visible when you’re running in the dark. You can get flashing collars and high-vis lightweight vests to ensure your dog can be seen; you’re less likely to lose them in the dark and other walkers and runners can see them approaching.

Maintain regular vet health checks: Regular checks will make sure that your canine friend is fit and ready for their new running regime. 

And last, but not least, don’t forget to scoop the poop!

Try it…… you never know where it might lead……….

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