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Laugh out loud with #FitnessFunnies

This summer we’ve been asking you to submit your most hilarious, laugh out loud, work out gone wrong stories in our #FitnessFunnies giveaway. So far it’s been a delight! We’ve had an amazing selection of stories submitted – each one making us shake a little harder with laughter.

With so many giggle inducing gems submitted, we can’t possibly keep them all to ourselves. So here are a few of our favourites:

What goes up doesn't come down

"I only joined the gym in January of this year, but am attending all of the classes with much enthusiasm! I recently tried "Vibe Cycle", and loved it, until the cool down at the end... we were standing next to our bikes, and to stretch out the muscles in the leg we were instructed to put our feet up onto the handle bars. Getting my foot up there wasn't a problem, it was getting it down again that caused so much hilarity! I just didn't have that extra bit of lift needed to bring my foot down, and as the rest of the class carried on with the cool down I was left stuck there, one leg in the air, unable to move! Eventually the instructor noticed, and came to my rescue, it was very embarrassing but we all had a laugh about it too. From now on I'll try to remember that what goes up must come down! " – Joanne B

Treadmill troubles

"I was running on the treadmill when this group of cute guys walked by. I checked myself out in my iPhone reflection to make sure I looked like I was glistening, not sweating. Then, just as I flicked my ponytail and made eye contact with one of them, my ankle gave out and I was almost completely thrown from the treadmill! I actually had to grab hold of the railing so my face didn’t smash into the front bar. The guy I was eyeing said 'ouch!' and kept walking. Good thing nothing was bruised—except my ego." – Claire G

The problem with stopping

"In my 30's I bought a bike, I hadn't been on one since I was a child, but thought I'd be able to pick up where I left off, just hop on, pedal, and off I go... this was in fact true, it was the stopping that was the problem. Just before I got to a busy junction I had a bit of a blind panic, I braked, I slowed carefully to a stop, then froze. I forgot to put a foot on the floor, so, still on bike, fell sideways onto the grass verge. No injuries, other than my pride (I had several spectators)." – Suzanne M

Yoga-nna need new shorts

"First yoga class where I tagged along with a friend. Was tad nervous given the fact that I had never done yoga and everyone in the room seemed very fit and serious. We were quite late to the class so only available spaces were up in the front, so I couldn't hide in the back and everyone could see me up in the front. Then in the middle of the class, I feel that my seams on my shorts were becoming more stretched due to the yoga stretching positions when they finally just split down the middle of my back side. The whole room hears this and tries to not laugh, then the silent room just bursts out laughing. " – David I

Keep the funnies coming

If you want to read more stories check back next week for another selection of great #FitnessFunnies – or check out our entry gallery here

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