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Embarassing workout stories that are far too relatable

Embarrassing moments are nothing to be ashamed of. Once the memory isn’t so strong, the bruise not so black, they’re quite entertaining to look back on! So this summer we’ve been asking you to share your most hilarious, embarrassing moments that have occurred under the ambition of ‘fitness’ in our #FitnessFunnies giveaway. We’ve had some amazing entries so far. Here’s a sample for you to enjoy!

A big splash

"I was on holiday and wanted to join in with the daily aqua aerobics. Most people were in the pool ready to start and decided to join in at the last minute. As I walked over I didn't realise there was a drop in the pool where I was walking and so fell straight in face first making a big splash - what an entrance! Everyone was looking! I just had to laugh! " – Carly B

Mistaken Identity

"I was becoming a real couch potato and putting on weight when I decided enough is enough. I looked up the aerobics classes at my local gym and went along. When the music started so did I and though tired I was enjoying it. I had been watching in the mirror how well I was doing and I thought that actually I was doing well and looking thinner than I thought. Once the class ended I looked closer and noticed that the girl in front of me had moved away and there I was looking at me!!! I had been thinking as the girl in front of me was similar dressed and looked a bit like me that it was me! No wonder I thought that I was doing well and looking good!" – Karen M

A holey view

"I was all set for the gym in a pair of old leggings, a T-shirt and trainers. I had never been before and was very self concious. I kept thinking I was getting funny looks! Sure I was paranoid I kept up what to me was a grueling routine of jogging, lifts and squats. It was only when I was on my last few squats that I realised my leggings weren't just old, they were the ones I had put aside to repair as they had a large hole in the bum! Worst still I was wearing bright pink knickers! " – Dawn B


"My girlfriend and I went over to Dw sports. I put on a new basketball type vest that I was delighted with and we got on with our workout. Lots of people seemed to be looking over at me and I just thought I looked cool. Well then on the way out I seen a guy from work. He said are you taking that top back or what ? I wondered what he was talking about an did course I had the biggest label I have ever seen.. huge..hanging out the back of my top. My girlfriend didn't say a word. Mortified. " – Marc F

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