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Since they were fitted with their race chairs, our novice racers have been working on technique and applying the expert training advice given by Paralympic coach, Rick Hoskins. As Ian, Megan and Lucy explain, getting to grips with a race chair isn’t as straight forward as you might imagine. Whilst Richard has suffered a setback, as many athletes do, with an injury that could jeopardise his participation in the first ever Unlimited Great North Wheelchair event on the 9th September.

Ian Irving

At the age of three Ian contracted polio, a viral infection that can cause temporary or permanent paralysis, which affected both of his legs. The 66 year old now suffers with post-polio, which causes further muscle weakness and fatigue if he doesn’t pace himself properly.

Rosie Macauley

Rosie, 15, suffers from cerebral palsy in all four of her limbs and also has a heart condition which affects her breathing.

Richard Heather

Richard, aged 50, suffered spinal nerve damage whilst serving in the British Army and is currently received treatment for Tourette’s syndrome and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Megan Bradley

13 year old Megan suffers from bilateral club feet, body seizures and spasms.

As the big day approaches our five participants have one more training session with Rick Hoskins. Come back again soon to chart their progress.

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The final training session

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