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Running in a winter wonderland

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So the weather outside may be frightful and yes that fire is in fact reasonably delightful, but guess what?... It will still be there when you get back from your run and it will actually feel even more delightful (trust me) when you do!...Why is that I hear you ask, well because keeping moving and running through the winter months can be both rewarding and fun when you follow these few basic tips and keep yourself both safe and healthy along the way!

Different route, same great feeling!

It’s important to recognise that due to the darker mornings and nights around this time of year, you may not be able to run on certain paths, trails or in parks and fields that were your daily routes during the summer months. For this reason you may want to think about looking at different options regarding where and when you train. Look for well lit public areas that have wide pavements and will not be too busy to stop you completing a hassle free run. It’s probably unavoidable that some of your runs may not be as stimulating in terms of your surroundings but running on a cold, crisp albeit dark evening can invigorate the senses just as much as a glorious summer morning!

Power lunch!

If you still hanker for getting your daily dose of vitamin D when you run, then if you can find the time during your working day, what about looking at getting out for a run at lunchtime? Planning a run at work can be tricky but if shower facilities are available it can be a great way of breaking up your day and you will certainly feel better about your decision as you get back to your afternoon to-do list! Lunchtime running clubs are becoming increasingly popular so why not take a few minutes to do an online search to see if there is a suitable one near you!

Weekend Wake Up!

Give that we may not all have the luxury of getting out in daylight during the week, it means those Saturday and Sunday mornings without work on the menu now lend themselves to really making the most of daylight running. View your weekend run as a real treat. Plan your route to be off road where possible if the street and footpath routes in darkness have made you long for some green surroundings as you get moving! Forest trails on cold still mornings can feel amazing and give you a real endorphin boost when you finish. You may get a little wet as the winter weather kicks in, but a towel in the car or a shower as you return home will easily counter that!

Wrap up and warm up!

It’s probably fair to say that the runs you found yourself feeling a little too warm on while wearing shorts and a t-shirt seem like a distant memory right now. With that in mind you’re probably digging through the wardrobe for as many long sleeve tops, tights, gloves and hats that you can lay your hands on! Some obvious but relevant advice follows forthwith - be seen! While the fashion police may have something to say about bright pink or yellow colour schemes, the metropolitan police will not arrest you for doing so and what’s more, the fact you will be a lot more visible to cyclists and motorists alike as you run in darker conditions will keep everyone safer! Have a look at ‘layering up’ with a few thinner tops rather than one thicker item.

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