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Latest training programmes

Beginner 2KM challenge

The 2km Challenge is a good way to test your fitness and your commitment to stick to a training plan. Covering 2km under your own steam is a fantastic achievement.

Who is this training plan for? You are taking part in a fun run for the first time with your friends & family. Anyone from a complete beginner level would be suitable to take part.

Read the training plan here.

Couch to 5K - 12 Week Training Plan

So it’s finally happened….the running bug has caught up with you and you feel it’s time to have a go at starting your own unique and wonderful running journey to a fitter and healthier you! Don’t worry though, you won’t be on your own as the good people of Simplyhealth and The Great Run Company have teamed up to provide you with an easy to follow training plan to get you off your couch and onto the start line of a 5km run in just 12 weeks.

Whatever your running past, or even if you don’t have one, prepare to amaze yourself (and others!) as you take your first steps towards feeling great! All you’ll need is a dash of commitment and a few ounces of positive energy and let our plan do the rest. You mightn’t catch Sir Mo Farah just yet, but over the course of your journey you should find the new you, feeling, eating, sleeping and even looking better, so why not download the plan today and to a new you!

Read the training plan here.

Marathon Beginner Run/Walk Training Plan

The Beginner Run/Walk plan is ideal for walkers who want do a little more, or for those who want to complete a longer distance than they can comfortably run. Combines running and walking efforts within the same training sessions.

Read the training plan here.

Marathon Introductory Training Plan

The Introductory plan is ideal if it’s been a number of years since you’ve ran regularly or you’re training for your first event. The plan gets you going with easy runs before slowly building your running. Perfect for you if you’re not a speed demon and simply want to enjoy your time on the road.

Read the training plan here.

Marathon Improver Training Plan

The Improver plan is suitable for runners who perhaps have an event under their belt or they’re already reasonably fit (e.g. can run for 25mins). Gradually increases your training level to improve your performance.

Read the training plan here.

Marathon Advanced Training Plan

The advanced plan goes off the assumption that the runner already has some base of fitness but is now looking to structure their plan towards a performance goal. Suitable for those who can run for 30 minutes, the advanced plan will step up your training, mixing steady running with more complex sessions to get you in your best shape for your next event.

Read the training plan here.

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