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Great ways to get your family moving

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Whether it’s the middle of the Summer holidays, or a weekend in October, finding activities for the whole family to engage in can be a challenge. At Simplyhealth we are passionate about encouraging people to get moving, and to that end we’ve compiled a short list of ideas to encourage families to get out and move together, while having boat loads of fun of course.

1. Take a run

Did you know that at some Simplyhealth Great Run events there are children and family runs in addition to the bigger run events? In Aberdeen in August there’s a run for the whole family, as well as in Edinburgh in April, Bristol in May and Newham in July! Not to mention there are Junior and Mini runs in Newcastle in September (Great North) and Birmingham and Portsmouth (Great South) in October! And in between those run dates, why not see if you can find a local run to join in with. Great Run Local holds weekly runs up and down the UK. Can’t get to an event nearby? Why not just take the family out for a light jog!

2. Visit a museum

We’re incredibly lucky in the UK to have access to a great number of museums, some are even free to get in to! If you live near one, this is a great activity for the whole family to get on its feet, explore and learn, especially on rainy days!

3. Set out on a scavenger hunt

This is a great way to spend a day, especially if your children are a bit older and more independent! And the best part – you can do it anywhere! Your own street, a shopping mall, the High Street, a park, the beach, a museum! The world is your scavenger hunting oyster. Simply come up with a list of items to find (make sure they’re locatable in your chosen location) and split into teams and start searching. Don’t worry about having to pick items up and carry them around either – you can make your hunt photo based so you need only take a picture with the item on the list.

4. Bury some treasure

Keeping on the hunting theme, you could also come up with a treasure hunt for your family to complete. If you’re feeling creative this can be a lot of fun to plan, and tons of fun for your family to take part in! Hide some treasure, and come up with a series of clues to send your family searching for! You can do this in your own garden or even inside the home!

5. Build a sand castle

During summer months you might struggle to find a stretch of empty sand on busier beaches, but fortunately sand castles can be built all year round (though we know it is nicer to do it under a warm sun). Set out with buckets and shovels, and then once at the beach, charge your family with finding rocks, shells, bits of sea glass and driftwood to decorate it with!

6. Play garden games

If you have access to a garden or stretch of grass in a nearby park, there are tons of games you can play with your family that will get hearts racing and smiles beaming. It could be as simple as finding a football to kick around, or Frisbee to throw. You could set up a game of lawn bowling or croquet. Or, if you have a big group, you could try playing old favourites like Capture the Flag or Kick the Can.

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