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Three things that keep The Food Grinder motivated

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This month we're working with Alex, aka The Food Grinder, the #nofussfood cook from Instagram, to help people stay motivated with their fitness resolutions. @thefoodgrinder was born out of pure frustration. Bored of following long and drawn out recipes, Alex, decided to cut through the celebrity chef waffle to create #nofussfood solutions that anyone can follow without being a slave to the kitchen or putting a dent in your bank balance! 

Today he shares three things that help keep his motivation to stay healthy going! 

Have a Reason

I’ve always been motivated to exercise and keep fit, but I look at it slightly differently now I have my daughter Allie.

When I was younger, exercise was about making sure I balanced the amount of beers I was drinking at the student union with how often I was pounding the streets. These days it’s more about getting the endorphins pumping and experiencing the great outdoors with Allie. I want exercise and movement to be something that is a part of her everyday life and feels completely natural as she grows up.

As Allie has only recently turned one, she’s not running marathons or swimming lengths of the pool just yet… although she’s so close to taking her first steps.

We do really simple activities together like taking walks in the park so she can feel confident and comfortable in nature. I pick her up from nursery and we always walk back (with her in the front baby harness of course)! She loves looking around and observing what’s going on around her.

I think it’s also important to involve her in activities I would be doing even if she wasn’t here. I also attend ‘Farm Fitness’ which is run by a personal trainer friend of mine. He uses farm equipment to create interesting and challenging work outs and she loves to watch when the sun is shining. Knowing I can bring her along and it will benefit her too keeps me motivated to keep active.

Remember fitness doesn't stop at the gym

My followers on Instagram won’t have missed the fact I’m currently renovating a new home for my family. It’s been a long journey and it’s certainly been an education. I’m going to have a big garden for Allie to run around in and knowing that will be the end result keeps me going when it’s minus 2 and I’m fitting guttering!

Doing activities like this is kind of an unconscious workout. I’m constantly taking steps, lifting things and being active without even realising it. I love wearing my Fitbit when I’m working on my house and am always shocked at the amount of steps and calories burned ive without even realising it!

Find a community to keep the positivity going 

Running thefoodgrinder Instagram keeps me motivated too. I’ve got a great community that’s really active and knowing that my recipes and tips support them in their personal fitness and health goals gives me that extra boost to push further.

The simple things like replying to people’s messages and giving people free recipes and advice when they are making your stuff really keeps me motivated. It all makes it worthwhile when you receive a DM from a stranger saying they tried one of your recipes and they loved it! I know social media sometimes receives bad press and is sometimes a place for trolls to vent their frustration but there is such a positive community out there that help each other out and share tips, which I love being a part of!

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