Why you should exercise in the cold snap

What if we told you that, within reason, cold weather can enhance exercise?

What to eat before exercise

Get it right and your pre-exercise diet can make all the difference to your enjoyment and performance in sport

Should you train when you have a cold?

If you haven’t yet succumbed to a runny nose or a bout of the sniffles, statistics are against you. ...

Get run ready!

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Pets and movement

Exercise alleviates stress, boredom and anxiety for both us and our pets

Movement or medication

Three quarters of the population think exercise should be prescribed by GP's ahead of medication

Vicki's story

“Everyone can be a runner….” – Jamie Jones, an accomplished runner and work colleague.
Yeah, right! Well, I suppose he has a point. I can technically run but it’s far from fast, smooth or graceful. I tend to waddle along, moaning about how everything hurts and wishing I never signed up for this.

Shake up your workout

Do you find yourself repeating the same workout day after day, week after week?

Train and recover: Why rest is more important than you think

It's at times of rest that our bodies adapt and change to better prepare us for the next time we work out.

Ever heard of 'prehabilitation'?

Many people make the mistake of thinking a physiotherapist is someone you should see only when you are injured.

How to avoid a stitch

A stitch is a pain in the side for many of us. If you are one of them our guide to stitch-avoidance is a must.

Helen's story

Having returned from an amazing holiday in Norway with some spectacular walks, but with a twisted ankle, I have had a few weeks of not walking as much as I should be. I have learnt that it is soooo easy to slide back into lazy Sundays!

Why does Speedwork ‘work’?

OK, so now you’re a runner, there may be a chance you have started to fall a little bit in love with the sport!

Parkour for seniors

Parkour - Challenging the perceptions and expectations that come with age

Don't let injury take the fun out of sport

Getting involved in sport is an excellent way to better your everyday health - both physically and mentally, to make friends and to have some fun.

5 ways a fitness tracker can help you improve your everyday health

Here are five ways using a tracker could actually help you better your everyday health.

Tickle your funny bone with #FitnessFunnies

Check out these hilarious #FitnessFunnies


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Stretch out your running routine!

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Better technique = improved speed

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